I have 20 years of experience in commercial software development. I have worked on many business areas, including telecommunications, network security, embedded systems, health care to name a few.

I specialize in the following technologies:
  • object-oriented design and development,
  • Windows application development using Microsoft .NET framework,
  • Windows kernel-mode programming (device, network and file system drivers)  using MS WDK,
  • web application development using Hobo and Ruby on Rails frameworks,
  • Embedded, real-time systems programming using C/C++,
  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) programming using structured text
If you need help designing or developing high quality, high performance software solutions, please contact me. I can work on-site or off-site.

Please call on +358(0)407758706 or email: markku.j.pulkkinen (at) gmail.com. Thank You !